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24 Keto Vegan Recipes That Will Keep You Going

By Diana D / February 2, 2018

Ketogenic diet has been popular especially in weight loss community in which there’s an increase consumption of dietary fat while lowering carb intake.  Now, let’s take a vegan approach in this meal plan and see how it works.

We collected keto vegan recipes in this article to help you decide if this is the perfect diet you’ve been looking for.

1. Cinnamon Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie Recipe | Paleo Flourish

308 | | 18 |

Enjoy this delicious chocolate smoothie recipe for a fast and nutritious Paleo and Ketogenic breakfast.

2. Paleo & Keto Chocolate Pudding-For-1 | Gnom-Gnom

279 | | 17 |

Silky smooth and totally addictive, this paleo and keto chocolate pudding-for-1 is most definitely on crack! Easy-peasy and a real nutrient gold mine!

3. Omega-3 Keto Porridge | The Castaway Kitchen

260 | | 13 |

This dairy free, egg free, and yes GRAIN FREE PORRIDGE  was absolutely delish. I made super easy adjustments and made it nut free too!

4. Healthy Fluffy Low Carb Vanilla Waffles | The Big Man's World

234 | | 13 |

Healthy Fluffy Low Carb Vanilla Waffles- Thick and fluffy waffles made with NO protein powder! Vegan, gluten free, paleo, sugar free and keto friendly too!

5. Healthy Low Carb Snickers Breakfast Shake | The Big Man's World

217 | | 7 |

Healthy Low Carb Snickers Breakfast Shake- A paleo, vegan, gluten free and dairy free protein packed breakfast, snack or dessert!

6. Real Food Homemade Nutella | Tessa the Domestic Diva

205 | | 5 |

Homemade nutella is easier to make than you would think!  With some simple ingredients and a good processor, you are on your way to making this popular spread with all real food ingredients!

7. Bulletproof Hot Chocolate | Lauren Kelly Nutrition

196 | | 6 |

This comforting Bulletproof Hot Chocolate is sugar free, low carb and packed with healthy fats!

8. Vegan Bulletproof Coffee | Create Mindfully

187 | | 4 |

Whether you are on a vegan keto plan, or want to add more coconut oil into you diet, this Vegan Bulletproof Coffee is for you!

9. Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk | Kit's Coastal

183 | | 5 |

A healthy alternative to store-bought sweetened condensed milk! Easy to make at home, paleo, dairy free, vegan, and can be made keto and low carb!

10. Low Carb Keto Ranch Dressing Recipe | Wholesome Yum

172 | | 10 |

This easy low carb keto ranch dressing recipe takes just 5 minutes to make, using common ingredients. Delicious as a low carb dressing or dip for veggies!

11. Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad | Natasha's Kitchen

170 | | 4 |

Our classic cucumber and tomato salad just got better with the addition of avocado, a lemon dressing and fresh cilantro. Easy, excellent avocado salad.

12. Avocado Caprese Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes | Cook Eat Paleo

157 | | 2 |

A dairy-free take on the classic Caprese salad.

13. Vegan Keto Crack Slaw | Meat Free Keto

152 | | 15 |

This vegan, gluten free twist on a keto classic can be eaten hot off the stove, or chilled for a delicious side dish or main course.

14. Roasted Garlic Mashed Cauliflower | Evolving Table

146 | | 7 |

Roasted Garlic Mashed Cauliflower is a wonderful Paleo, vegan, ketogenic, low-carb, and healthier alternative to mashed potatoes.  They are super creamy, loaded with garlic flavor, and are sure to be a hit at your dinner table.

15. Low Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice | My Food Story

132 | | 7 |

Low Carb Mexican Cauliflower Rice is a healthy, paleo, keto friendly, vegan side dish recipe, that's bursting with mexican flavours and ready in 30 minutes!

16. Ginger Sesame Walnut and Hemp Seed Lettuce Wraps | Create Mindfully

129 | | 4 |

Ginger Sesame Walnut and Hemp Seed Lettuce Wraps (vegan, gluten free) - These lettuce wraps are sweet and savory. They are extremely easy to make.

17. Vegan Sesame Tofu and Eggplant | Ruled Me

122 | | 2 |

This sesame tofu and eggplant recipe makes a wonderful light lunch, and is surprisingly vegan. The eggplant is julienned then tossed with a spicy Asian style marinade before it’s cooked down into soft noodles. The tofu slices are crusted with sesame seeds then pan seared and caramelized with soy sauce.

18. Vegan Keto Bento Box | Julie's Lifestyle

121 | | 1 |

Looking for healthy lunch inspiration? This Vegan Keto Bento Box with almond seaweed noodles, heirloom tomato salad & guacamole makes a great lunch on the go!

19. Vegan Low Carb Shepherd's Pie | Abbey's Kitchen

118 | | 4 |

This vegan low carb Shepherd's Pie is gluten free and keto friendly and totally will bring you back to your childhood with this nostalgic meal!

20. Delicious Vegan Keto Cupcakes | My Sweet Keto

108 | | 2 |

Vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous, these vegan keto cupcakes are awesome if you fancy a high-fat, low-carb dessert.

21. 3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Coconut Cups | The Big Man's World

107 | | 2 |

3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Coconut Cups (Paleo, Vegan, Sugar Free)- Low carb and sugar free candy cups suitable for a keto diet and ready in 5 minutes!

22. Low Carb Peanut Butter Bark | Pretty Pies

99 | | 2 |

Low Carb Peanut Butter Bark (Keto, Vegan). Incredibly simple, 2 minute recipe featuring the delicious sweet ‘n salty combo of PB + chocolate and an irresistible soft CRUNCH!

23. Lime and Vanilla Vegan Cheesecake | Quite Good Food

98 | | 5 |

Simple and lovely, this easy no-bake vegan cheesecake is light, creamy and subtly sweet with a perfectly silky texture from a surprise ingredient.

24. Paleo Keto Chocolate Pudding | Gnom-Gnom

89 | | 5 |

Silky smooth and totally addictive, this paleo and keto chocolate pudding is most definitely on crack! Make a single serving for a quick treat (or double up and keep in the fridge!).

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